Fresh Black Winter Australian Truffle

Fresh Black Winter Australian Truffle

$ 59.95

Truffles are a true natural luxury. Rare and indulgent, they are sought after by epicureans around the globe who see them as black gold. This deliciously decadent ingredient stimulates the senses & indulges the pallet. Many have tried to farm them and many have failed, until now that is. Established in 1997 in Manjimup, Western Australia, The Truffle & Wine Co. created Mainland Australia’s first Truffiere. The Truffle & Wine Co, is unashamedly focused on truffles, Success has been born from total dedication to excellence and true passion to deliver at every level - from farm to fork.

Some of the most celebrated restaurants & chefs in the world use these Truffles & affirm their superior quality & aroma, you will not be disappointed in this culinary treasure from the Southern Hemisphere.


STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS-Highly perishable, Truffles are best when consumed within 3 days of delivery. Store them in your refrigerator wrapped in paper towel or in a sealed tupper ware container with fresh butter or eggs

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