Fresh Black Perigord Truffle

Fresh Black Perigord Truffle

$ 69.95


From the mountains of the Perigord region in France to the forested countryside of Umbria, you can count on Mikuni to deliver you the finest quality Black Truffles. Whether shaved raw or cooked the Black Winter Perigord Truffle will surely enhance your gastronomic experience.  Mikuni Wild Harvest's Perigord Winter Truffles are used by some of the finest chefs in the Country, and you can be sure to enjoy a full & robust Truffle aroma & flavor.

STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS-Highly perishable, Truffles are best when consumed within 3 days of delivery. Store them in your refrigerator wrapped in paper towel or in a sealed tupper ware container with fresh butter or eggs

Fresh Black Winter Truffle / 1 oz. price  $69.95 




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