Yuzu Juice, Marugoto Shibori

Yuzu Juice, Marugoto Shibori

$ 42.95

Marugoto Shibori, meaning "in its natural state." Coveted by professional chefs and mixologists, Yakami Orchard produces a 100% natural, pure yuzu juice (citrus) made in Japan. It is full of multiple layers of orange, lemon, and tangerine flavor & aromas. Experience the delightful taste of yuzu juice in your favorite cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages; try it in vinaigrettes, sashimi, ceviche, meats, vegetables and desserts! Yuzu juice is so versatile that you will end up reaching for it every time you find your dish needing a little brightness.

Yakami Orchards consists of a family of growers (some fourth generation) upholding the traditions of producing quality citrus products. Cool ocean breezes give this region some of the world’s finest citrus, including yuzu, sudachi, and kabosu.

  • All Natural & Organic Ingredients
  • No Added Sugar
  • Gluten-Free
  • 750 ml

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